Keystone Capital®

Keystone Capital®

Keystone Mutual Policies Earn Cash for Retirement

Keystone Mutual is the first Missouri-based medical professional liability insurance company to provide cash rewards to loyal policyholders in good standing upon retirement, death or disability. The Keystone Capital® program is available to Missouri physicians and certain allied healthcare providers.


What is Keystone Capital®?

A return of premium program offered by Keystone Mutual, Keystone Capital® allows the Board of Directors to set aside a certain amount for each policyholder as a percentage of their premium. So long as they remain with Keystone Mutual they will be awarded this amount upon their retirement. The Keystone Board of Directors have funded this program every year since its inception.


“Keystone Capital® is an idea whose time has come,” said James R. Bowlin, Keystone’s founder and chief executive officer. “There may be two or three companies in the entire United States that offer policyholders this extraordinary advantage. Keystone is one of them.”