Risk Management Articles
When to Review and Change Your Office’s Policies and Procedures

When setting up their practice or soon thereafter, most healthcare professionals took the time to develop employee manuals, policies and procedures, websites, and other documentation to be used in the practice.  It is important to remember that these documents and websites must grow and adapt with your medical practice and with the evolving environment in […]

Communication is Still Key, But Remember Your Audience

You have surely heard it several times: patients who believe they have a good relationship with their physician are considerably less likely to sue in the event of an adverse outcome. But a physician need not spend hours with each patient, have a stunning personality or exhibit world-class bedside manner to be held in high […]

How to Make Informed Consent Work for You

Informed consent is defined as: a patient’s knowing choice about treatment or a procedure, made after a physician or other healthcare provider discloses whatever information a reasonably prudent provider in the medical community would provide to a patient regarding the risks involved in the proposed treatment. Black’s Law Dictionary (7th edition, 1999). The doctrine of […]

Improving your Medical Practice by learning from those in the Business of Insurance

How can Insurance help physicians improve their medical practice? Medical Malpractice Insurance is an essential component of a physician’s medical practice. It provides protection to the physician against legal liability from a claim by a patient of injury or death as a result of negligence. The State of Missouri defines Medical Malpractice insurance as follows: […]

Missouri Covid Law Update

Covid-19 has created numerous challenges to health care providers and their practices. Many practices had to change the manner in which they saw patients by limiting the number of patients on premises or seeing more patients via telemedicine. These precautions were taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but also out of concern for liability […]