From the Desk of the CEO

From the Desk of the CEO

Since the beginning, Keystone Mutual has provided secure and trusted protection  to our policyholders, regardless of market developments.  It is times like these that show just how important it is for you to have that refuge.


In the past three months, the Missouri med-mal market has been thrown into a state of turmoil – largely as a result of actions taken by other market participants.  Those events have stunned many, and rightly so.


Our policyholders know that we honor our commitments, and give them what they are entitled to.  We put our policyholders’ ownership rights in writing.  We were the first, and remain the only, Missouri insurer to create and fund a member retirement savings plan – Keystone Capital™.


And, we provide accountability by selling direct – eliminating a middleman that’s “asleep at the wheel,” failing to protect you and often not acting in your best interest.


Keystone Mutual policyholders have always appreciated the safety and stability we provide, but it’s at times like this, when the market is in a state of unrest, that they realize the value of our promises and guarantees. We stand strong while others falter.


If you have not already done so, now is the time to join the Missouri physicians who have made Keystone Mutual the fastest growing med-mal carrier in the state. Let us show you what it means to put your interests first. Waiting for your renewal could put you at even greater risk – please call us today.




Jim Bowlin

Chief Executive Officer