Keystone Mutual appoints retired Reinsurance Group of America CEO to Board of Directors

Keystone Mutual appoints retired Reinsurance Group of America CEO to Board of Directors

St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 01, 2018 – Keystone Mutual Insurance Company, a Missouri-based medical malpractice carrier, has appointed reinsurance industry leader Greig Woodring to serve as a member of the company’s board of directors.

Woodring successfully ran one of the world’s leading life reinsurers for 26 years. He helped grow Reinsurance Group of America into a more than $10 billion multinational company. Woodring also serves on the board of directors for The Hartford, a leader in property and casualty insurance.

“We’re excited to welcome Mr. Woodring to Keystone Mutual as we continue to grow and expand our company,” said James Bowlin, CEO of Keystone Mutual. “We believe the impressive strides we’ve made have attracted the right person to assist in accomplishing our goals for the future.”

“Keystone Mutual continues to demonstrate a pattern of growth and success with opportunity for expansion,” said Greig Woodring, Keystone Mutual director. “The company has the key ingredients – good foundation, good leadership, methodical about taking risks, and I want to be a part of taking it to the next level.”

Keystone Mutual has reached nearly $2.7 Million in revenue and has consistently grown by double digits each year. The company is the only medical professional liability insurer that’s backed by $56 Billion in reinsurance from AXA, Hannover and Lloyd’s for claims over $200,000.

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Keystone Mutual is the first Missouri-based medical professional liability insurance company to provide cash rewards to policyholders at retirement, death or disability, and is the only insurer approved by the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society. The company provides unmatched benefits and an individualized policyholder focus. For more information, visit