Keystone Mutual Reaffirms Commitment to Missouri Physicians

The Missouri Supreme Court’s elimination of the $350,000 medical malpractice damage cap means Missouri physicians could be left with fewer choices for medical professional liability insurance. For an industry that’s been riddled with turmoil this year, the ruling further fuels the question doctors have struggled to answer – Who can I trust? Keystone Mutual, a Missouri-based medical professional liability insurance company, provides a direct relationship, honest answers and secure protection to policyholders.


“This is the time to be with a company that’s demonstrated a commitment to Missouri doctors, who can be trusted and has top-quality coverage,” said Jim Bowlin, CEO of Keystone Mutual. “We’ve always protected Missouri physicians, and the ruling will make our one-on-one, direct relationship with doctors, all the more beneficial to them.”


Keystone Mutual, which only insures Missouri physicians and has $36 billion in insurance backing from Lloyd’s, knows it’s a matter of stability and confidence. Out-of-state carriers have a history in Missouri, having exited all-together or raised rates on a whim just a few years ago, and other low-quality carriers days may be numbered. The Keystone Mutual platform is based on direct sales, eliminating the middleman and providing a direct relationship that policyholders can be confident in.


“It’s inevitable – there will be more claims, and as a result, rates will rise,” added Bowlin. “For doctors who eliminate the middleman, the financial effect is less. Plus, they get to decide who to trust. Having a direct relationship with your insurer means you get direct, honest answers.”


Keystone Mutual is known for providing policyholders the most secure protection. From Day 1, the company has been backed by $36 Billion in reinsurance from Lloyd’s. Keystone’s highly selective underwriting allows the company to withstand these market developments and to remain secure and stable home for Missouri’s doctors. Keystone policyholders replace paying money to a broker with a direct source relationship. That relationship affords them more reliable, trusted coverage at an affordable price.


About Keystone Mutual Insurance

Keystone Mutual is the first Missouri-based medical professional liability insurance company to provide cash rewards to loyal policyholders in good standing upon retirement. The company sells direct and provides unique benefits to Missouri doctors through its innovative approach to insurance. With an individualized focus, Keystone Mutual provides an outstanding policyholder experience. Keystone Mutual was named 6th on the St. Louis Business Journal’s list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies. For more information visit