Keystone Policyholders Have Access to Free Legal Advice

Keystone Policyholders Have Access to Free Legal Advice

Keystone Mutual Insurance Company, a leading provider of medical professional liability insurance, offers many benefits to policyholders, including free legal advice on risk management and minimizing liability.

For medical professionals, a negligence or malpractice claim can have a devastating affect on one’s career and in turn their family’s financial security. By providing this complimentary service to its policyholders, Keystone Mutual is able to provide peace of mind.

“At Keystone Mutual, we are more than your insurance provider, we are a true partner in our policyholders’ success,”
– James R. Bowlin, Chairman & CEO Keystone

Keystone Mutual’s free legal advice is unlimited and available to policyholders at any time. Choice of defense counsel is also provided when claims occur, as is peer review of claims and coverage of medical board investigations.

Having dedicated attorneys experienced specifically in medical claims is your best option for managing professional risk. “We know that offering expert legal advice to our policyholders is the best way to mitigate risk to keep premiums low,” points out Bowlin.

For more information on free legal advice services, or any other services, visit Keystone Mutual online or call 866-212-2424.