St. Louis Metro Medical Society Renews Approved Provider Status for Keystone Mutual

February 23, 2018; ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society (SLMMS) announced it has renewed its agreement with Missouri-based Keystone Mutual as the only approved provider of medical professional liability insurance for its members.

“We applaud the product Keystone Mutual has provided to our St. Louis member physicians over the past five years,” explained Dr. Christopher Swingle, President of SLMMS. “Keystone continues to protect our members and offer them sound risk management. We enjoy the trusted relationship between our organizations.”

SLMMS first approved of Keystone Mutual in 2012, and has since renewed that designation twice. Keystone also provides SLMMS member-physicians with a discounted rate.

“We are honored to have this status from such an outstanding organization,” said Jim Bowlin, Keystone’s CEO. “We enjoy protecting the reputations of the Society’s physician members, and look forward to continuing our service to them for many years to come.”

About Keystone Mutual Insurance

Keystone Mutual is the first Missouri-based medical professional liability insurance company to provide cash rewards to loyal policyholders in good standing upon retirement, death or disability, and is the only insurer approved by the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society. With an individualized focus backed by unmatched benefits, the Company provides an outstanding policyholder experience. For more information, visit


The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society is the largest physician-member association in the St. Louis area with nearly 1,200 members. It has been representing the interests of St. Louis physicians for more than 180 years. For more information, visit